Child Sponsorship

The Children's Home of Pestel raises children in a Christ-centered, supportive community. We strive on giving the children a relational family environment; where they can grow and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Along with a supportive and healthy living environment, education is something that the children are also in need of in Pestel. Education is something that can help support children throughout their lives. In order to make these changes in the children's lives, Churchquake International has created a "family tree” where each child will have up to 5 sponsors, each donating $30. 

Sponsorship funds are used to provide:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Hygiene
  • Medical needs/general healthcare
  • Schooling
  • Tutoring
  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Extra-curricular child development activities