Child Sponsorship

At the Children's Home of Pestel the children are raised in a Christ-centered, supportive community, giving the children a relational family environment where they can grow and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We have created a "family tree” where each child will have up to 5 sponsors, each donating $30. 

Sponsorship funds are used to provide:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Hygiene
  • Medical needs/general healthcare
  • Schooling
  • Tutoring
  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Extra-curricular child development activities

*Review the photos below and decide on a child to sponsor.

*Choose 1 of 2 ways to set up a recurring monthly payment.

  • Wilson

    Wilson is our oldest child in the children's home. He is 14 years old. Wilson comes from a little peninsula just off of Pestel called Mary Jane. He is a very helpful around the children's home and loves to play soccer and attend school. He is the big brother of the home. 

  • Barbarita

    Barbarita is our second to oldest child in the children's home. She is 13. She also comes from the same community as Wilson called Mary Jane. She is very helpful in the kitchen and loves to help cook. She loves school and is a big help to everyone in our home. Her smile is beautiful and her laugh is robust. 

  • Jeff

    Jeff was new to our children's home at the end of 2018. He is 11 years old and is originally form Port Au Prince, the capital of Haiti.  He was orphaned after his mother died last year and was living with his mother's friend due to lack of relatives. Jeff is a very smart yet shy boy. He excels in school. 

  • Kirby

    Kirby is 11 years old. He can be very shy due to his  extreme case of eczema. He is currently being treated by our nurse practitioner with topical steroids. He is quite smart and makes good grades in school. 

  • ERicson

    Ericson is always smiling. He is a very happy kid and he loves playing soccer. He is 11 years old. He is a very active boy and he is a wonderful big brother to Peterson. He is very competitive when it comes to the game of soccer and he plays hard. He also enjoys school.  

  • Woodeline

    Woodeline is like the big sister to everyone. She is always looking after the little ones (she is a mother hen) She has a beautiful smile and she loves to dance. Woodeline one day wants to attend a school for dance. We know she has a very special talent. 

  • Riki

    Riki is 7 years old and was orphaned at an early age. Riki's story is very complicated and sad however he has made the most of his time here while at the children's home and has really thrived. He has a big personality and is a funny little guy. 

  • PEterson

    Peterson is 6 years old. He is called Peter for short. He has asthma that requires frequent breathing treatments and prone to more severe complications if not treated regularly. He is a very sweet natured boy with a beautiful smile.  

  • Jenny

    Jenny is 6 years old and was the very first child in our children's home. She has quite the personality and is extremely smart. She was abandoned by her mother at a very early age however sh has continued to thrive even still. She holds a very special place in our hearts, she is the one who started this journey we are on today.

  • Jedline

    Jedline's is 6 years old. Her mother died last year and after ,she came to live at the Children's home at the end of 2018. She is quite shy and has the cutest smile. She is a girly girl and loves all things pink. 

  • Wilnis

    Wilnis is 5, she came to live with us last year after her mother died. She is from a local nearby island surrounding Pestel. She has a big personality and loves toys. She was also born with a birth defect. She has a disease called Blount's disease. Blount's disease (also known as tibia vara) is a deformity at or just below the knee joint caused by an abnormality of the growth plate at the top of the tibia (lower leg it is hallmarked by severe bowlegs. 

  • Ketia Rigaud

    Ketia is a very quiet young lady and very respectful. She is a 8 years old and was orphaned at a very young age. Her mother died when she was only 28 years of age from a sickness and then the father contracted the same sickness and died almost a year later. Ketia lives with her Aunt on her mother's side  with 4 other cousins in the house of a 1 room home. Ketia had to drop out of school last year due to her aunt not being able to pay for her schooling. If you would like to help Ketia return to school please consider sponsoring her today! 

  • Walex Pierre

    Walex is a brave little boy. He is lucky to be alive. His family struggled to survive and was almost killed by his mother due to her not being able to provide him any food. The father will not accept responsibility for him. Walex had no family to assume responsibility for him, so now he has been taken in by a very poor neighbor of his who can hardly afford enough food for her family much less Walex. There are 6 people in a one bed/one bedroom home. Walex is 5 years old and has a contagious laugh. He is very smart and wants to go to school. Walex will be in Kindergarten this year. 

  • Rachel Dorce

    Rachel and her brother Vilebens have lived at the Children's home with us before in order to get well from severe malnutrition. She and her brother have lived in extreme poverty all of their lives. Our facility was able to aide them in getting  well. Their parents have been educated on proper nutrition and transitioned them back home after a year residing in the children's home. We have formed a relationship with her father and visit this family regularly to make sure everyone's nutritional needs are met. They still struggle to provide for these children in all areas of life such as proper nutrition, schooling and their home situation. 

  • Giyvenson Decosse

    Giyvenson is Ketia's older brother. He is 12 years old. He resides with another aunt ,so currently they do not live together. The aunt that he lives with has two small girls and they live in a one bedroom home. Giyvenson was orphaned when he was younger. His mother died at the age of 28 from a sickness and not too long after his father died from the same sickness. 

  • Clinton Rosemond

    Clinton is 14 and lives in Kaglod, a community that is 2 miles up in the mountains, near Pestel. Clinton walks 4 miles each day to and from school. The terrain is very rocky and mountainous. This is no easy feat. There are no main roads on this mountain only small paths that have been cleared by walking. His family has many children in the household and cannot really afford his schooling anymore. We would love to get Clinton sponsored so that he can continue to go to school. 

  • Dorvins Dorce

    Dorvins is one of 3 of the Dorce children. These children live in extreme poverty in the Kaglod area. Their parent's love is so evident and they just want them to go to school so that they can accomplish more than what they were able to. Both parent's are unemployed as there is no economy in the area that they live in. They truly live off of the land. Dorvins is 5 as in the youngest of the children. He has a sweet and quiet spirit about him. He is very excited to go to school. 

  • Berline Canon

    Berline was originally placed in our children's home due to being sick and malnourished. After a year, she became well and we transitioned her back to her mother. She comes from a family of 9 children. The mother takes care of the household by herself and is unemployed.  She is from a small , and extremely poor community called Kaglod. Berline is very sweet natured and is 9 years old. She needs sponsorship , so that she can continue her schooling. Her mother struggles to provide for her family. 

  • Dania Dafinis

    Dania and Clinton are siblings. Dania goes to a local school in her area so she does not have to travel as far as Clinton,  because of  her grade level. Dania is 13 years old and is very helpful to her family. She has a few older siblings and is the youngest of the siblings. She and her brother are the only siblings in the home attending school. They live in a small home in the remote area of Kaglod. From time to time Dania visits the children's home, and will stay a few nights. She enjoys being around the other children and thinks of this as her home away from home. Dania had to stay with us for a short time due to an endangering situation. The situation has since resolved and Dania was able to return home. 

  • Levencia Pierre  

    Levencia is 8 years old. She is strong, independent and we can't leave out sassy. She is very smart and is a product of a single parent living from home to home with her child in tow. She is strong willed and is very athletically strong as well. At one point Levencia was in our care because her mother mentally was not stable. She lives very near to the children's home and visits several times a week so her well being is constantly monitored.  Levencia at this time does not attend school due to it just being her and her mother with a baby on the way. We need a sponsor for Levencia to be able to attend school for the next semester. 

  • Founia Jeudy

    Founia is very special to us as well as the grandparents who have raised her and her older sister. Founia is 13 and is deaf. Although deaf, she is very smart. She has not been taught sign language as there is no one to teach her due to her remote region in which she lives. She is a very sweet girl and communicates through sounds and hand and body actions. She needs a sponsor to help her grandparents with her schooling and possibly an appointment to get tested for hearing aids.