Be A Part of Something Greater

There are several meaningful ways in which individuals can make a significant impact and contribute to the needs of our mission.  Those ways look like serving, praying, giving or going. You have the power to make a lasting impact on the children and the local community that we serve in the south most region of Haiti. Together we can work towards creating a better world and improving the lives of those in need. 


Giving / Sponorship

Financial contributions play a vital role in fulfilling our mission. By giving generously, you enable us to provide the essential resources, support services and programs to those in need. Your financial contributions help us to expand our reach, enhance our impact and make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals and communities. Every donation no matter the amount directly contributes to our ability to create a positive change and improve the well being of those whom we serve.  Your gift will be placed in our general fund to be used where it is most needed. unless specified.

Financial opportunities include

  • School Sponsorship
  • Child Sponsorship
  • Micro Loans
  • Medicine for Mobile Clinics
  • Community Projects
  • Donating to Mission Trips
  • Agriculture Projects  

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Serve With Us

If you have the opportunity and means consider going on a mission trip or participating in helping us get ready for one. This hands on experience allows you to directly immerse ourself in the communities we serve, gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges. By going beyond your comfort zone, you can make a tangible impact by providing hands-on assistance, sharing your skills, the gospel and building relationships with the people you serve.

Most of those resources are in the form of people. Are you one of those people? Has God laid it on your heart to get more involved? If the answer is YES then we would be happy to discuss with you our needs and invite you along for a mission trip.    

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Mission Trips


Another crucial way to support our mission is through prayer. Prayer has a profound effect on the success of our initiatives and the well being of those we serve. By lifting up our organization, its leaders, volunteers and beneficiaries in prayer you can provide spiritual support and guidance to individuals facing challenges and can also inspire and motivate our team to continue their important work. through the power of prayer, you become and integral part of our mission and contribute to the overall positive impact we strive to achieve.  


We need your help! The more members, the greater the impact on these lives.  Encourage your friends, family, churches and social networks to partner with us and to please keep our ministry in your prayers. 

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